GENKINS: Power Solution For Better And Easier Life

GPG (Genkins Power Group), located in Chongqing China, is focused on providing dependable and durable power products for worldwide markets.

GENKINS Power Products Lines

 (Genkins Production Line)

GENKINS offers more than 40 models in four major product families:

Gasoline Engines: gasoline engines from 1.4 Kw to 15.5 Kw in models of horizontal type.

• Gasoline Generators: from 1 Kw to 10 Kw in models of open frame type (1 Kw to 10 Kw) and inverter type (1.6 Kw and 3.5 Kw).

• Water Pumps: a wide variety of general de-watering and multi-purpose models from 1.5 inch to 4 inch.

• Tillers: front-tine models with tilling scope from 750mm (30 inch) to 1350mm (53 inch).

By providing the above mentioned power products, GENKINS fulfill the requirement of different customers.

Environmental Concern

Driven by technology innovation and mission of “Power solution for better and easier life”, GENKINS is also focused on developing green power solution, to

reduce the NOx and HC emissions and protect our environment.